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Click on the headings to the left of this page to see about the great work Glyn is doing in promoting health and fitness in Willenhall and the boroughs of Walsall and he involvement in learning new sports.

Be it running, cycling, dodgeball or walking football- Glyn Marston has earned a great reputation in all of these sports, despite being on medication for life to control epilepsy and despite having a false (titanium) right knee he still pushes forward with promoting health and fitness in the region.

The Black country and in particular Walsall's first ( and at the moment) only dodgeball club is excelling all expectations of its members from young to old.

Walking football is giving the over 50's ( and over 60's) a new lease of life as they 'come out of retirement' for another chance to grab footballing glory and with the club entering a team in a national tournament, it seems that the club will be going places.

Glyn Marston gives up his spare time to the communities of the boroughs of Walsall and for Willenhall in particular to give folk a chance at having fun with their fitness schedule.

Being an running Ambassador to the region is a great honour for Glyn but to be a sporting Ambassador... an Ambassador who encourages folk to get off the settee and into fitness is a role that Glyn ( as a dedicated community champion) is enjoying.

Read the pages to the left to see how Glyn is promoting sports in the region and to see the great success he is having with these clubs.


Glyn Marston quit smoking in 1993 and in his bid to kick the habit he took up running.

However this became a serious hobby for Glyn, especially when he read of how Walsall ( and it's boroughs ) were becoming the obese capitol of the nation.

Glyn was not prepared to accept this statement and set about conquering great challlenges to show that Walsall has folk who can achieve the unbelievable, to prove that Walsall can boast of a man who has ran across the Grand Canyon, broken world records for treadmill running, ran in races of 155 miles non stop and ran in the Spartathlon to represent his country.

Glyn Marston is the only runner from Walsall to achieve these great things in long distance running- which is why he is regarded by the people of Walsall as  'Running Ambassador of Walsall' ( not a self title).

Despite being on medication for life to control epilepsy, Glyn went on to break barriers in long and Ultra distance running.

His reputation became so well known that he was given sponsorship from ASICS UK.

Glyn went on to meet many famous celebrities as he became part of the TVTimes charity team and ran with the cast of Emmerdale on many marathons, Glyn was also asked to pace model and tv personality NELL MCANDREW on her very first marathon (London 2004).

Ultra distance runner- Dodgeball player - Long distance cyclist.... And now WALKING FOOTBALL PLAYER.

Glyn Marston has inspired many into a health and fitness way of life, he takes this a step further by encouraging the youth of the community in to a fitter way of life using dodgeball as a tool - but now he also gives the 'older' (or more mature) folk a chance to get out and get fit.. through Walking football, a sport aimed at the over 50's or folk whom cannot play normal football because of injury or health issues.

Glyn is currently giving up a lot of his own time and effort in making sure that the 'OBESITY' tag that the Walsall area has- will soon be eradicated.  

Glyn Marston is prolific in promoting community sports, even more so when it comes to dodgeball.

When he was invited to take a young dodgeball team to try 'Trampoline dodgeball' , Glyn couldn't refuse- even more so was the temptation to have a go himself.

Being encouraged by his junior team, Glyn relucantly took to the court but after a few seconds he was bouncing a round like a kangeroo.

Trampoline dodgeball is something that he would definately do again in the future.

Glyn has decided to try 'STAND UP PADDLE BOARDING' and went to Bartley reservoir for a beginners course staged by the good folk at BARTLEY SUP CLUB.

A fun session and a new sport that Glyn intends to get his teeth into.

Nervously standing up on a board but giving it a good go.

A huge thanks to Bartley SUP for setting up a great session for beginners like Glyn.

For anyone interested in stand up paddle boarding contact Bartley SUP on facebook or at Bartley sailing club.

The Black Country sport and physical activity awards 2016. Celebrating and recognising those who give up their time to promote sports and activity in the Black Country.

Glyn Marston was there as a shortlisted nominee for 'Unsung Hero'.

Unsung hero award nominees, Glyn was proud and honoured to be shortlisted in the final three and more proud to hear his achievements read out to a packed audience.

The winner was Paul Gough who coaches the noble art of boxing and is a worthy winner of this award.

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