New york marathon 2003

          Glyn Marston, new friends and a wonderful New york adventure.

November 2002, And Glyn had realised a dream... to run in the New york marathon.

This was a 40th Birthday gift for Glyn but as his 40th birthday was in December 2002- he had to wait for eleven months to 'recieve' his birthday present.... but the wait was well worth it. As soon as he reached his hotel room, Glyn made many friends with fellow runners (some of whom recognised Glyn from running magazine stories and television appearances).

This British working class hero was even recognised by an officer of the N.Y.P.D. himself a runner and had followed Glyn's stories from across the pond.

How surprised was Glyn when a New york police officer called out "Hi Glyn- so go to get to meet you in person" and he held out his hand to gesture a handshake- this led to Glyn having one of his favourite photos being taken wearing a N.Y.P.D. Officers hat was awesome for Glyn.

A boat trip around the New york 'island' was truely amazing, which saw Glyn taking in sights that he would not usually see by car or taxi.

The statue of Liberty look stood so proud as it dominated the view of the four hour long boat trip and Glyn's love of New york grew immensely.


With so much to see and to run the New york marathon- week was never going to be long enough in New york, which is why Glyn has returned to the city for a holiday in recent times.

With Broadway, Times square, Manhatton and Central park to name just a few places had seen Glyn 'running around' like a kid in a sweet shop- should that be a 'Candy store' ?

So much to see and do and so little time to do it.


The hustle and bustle of this busy place was so inviting for Glyn, and the hospitality so welcome to folk with an English accent, Glyn recalls one evening while having a drink with three friends in the Playwright bar, a group of firefighters had started to walk in- noticing the four men wearing New york marathon t-shirts sitting at the bar, walked over and started chatting to glyn and his friends- before they knew were there were, they had been invited to a private birthday party in a function room on the upper floor.

The eve of the New york marathon and the friendship run- a four mile 'warm up' run for the main event the following day.

A group of British women were running very stylish bra's and playfully flaunted their bodies, all in good humour though as they were raising money for Breast cancer awareness.

Glyn became part of the group for the day and chatted his way round the route with this beautiful group of women. 

The finish of the marathon and back to the hotel, Glyn and his new mates met up for a group photo with their finishers medals.

Each one had their own story to tell, each one wishing that they could turn back the clock and run it again.

A huge buzz had surrounded the group for the following day and even the long flight home was filled with mixed emotions- sad because their stay in New york was over but happy because they were returning home to their families with so many stories to tell.

Glyn Marston proudly displays his New york marathon medal in a frame- a great reminder of one of his favourite marathons, a reminder of the places he has visited and ran!

A great reminder of the athlete he was before his knee replacement operation and the great achievements he has experienced in his life as a long...long... Ultra distance runner.

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