Grand Canyon

A journey through the Grand Canyon- running in 110 degrees heat

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To be told that you have been chosen to be part of a team of runners that will run across the Grand Canyon is a dream come true- but that is what happened to Glyn Marston.

Paul Larkins (then the editor ) of RUNNING FITNESS magazine had called Glyn to congratulate him on being selected... and to advise him on the upcoming training plans along with many features in a top running magazine.

The Grand Canyon challenge was a huge story for Glyn and with local media printing his gruelling challenge story there came T.V. interviews (again) which boosted the fundraising on this challenge.

The money raised on the challenge was donated to Liam's school, 'OLD HALL SPECIAL NEEDS SCHOOL'.

Glyn Marston is only one of six British runners to run across the Grand Canyon- the only runner from Walsall and its boroughs to have done this challenge.

One of many pictures featured in RUNNING FITNESS magazine.

This one being the V2o max test at Loughborough university.

The preparation for the Grand Canyon challenge was tough, but the results were well worth it.

Glyn had put the region of Walsall on the map- more importantly, nore folk had heard of the great town of Willenhall in the borough of Walsall.

This had challenge had seen Glyn make his mark as WALSALLS RUNNING AMBASSADOR , or to coin a phrase used by local media and the local communities of Walsall's boroughs- "WALSALL'S TRUE RUNNING AMBASSADOR AND CHARITY CHAMPION". 

Arizona, team training run in the desert
Foot of the Canyon and the Colorado river.

Running up to the south rim and a gruelling 7.5 hour hard slog almost behind him.

Glyn Marston cemented his reputation as Walsall's running Ambassador- simply due to the fact that he is the only person in Walsall to have ran across the Grand Canyon.

Local media and the people of Walsall were all in awe at Glyn's performance on this challenge. 

Glyn Marston and Duncan Beales nearing the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Almost halfway through the challenge with the hardest part to come.... the constant uphill slog to the South rim.

At the foot of the Canyon and time for a breather and a photo.

The constant downhill run was hard enough but now the uphill run to the South rim and now the temperature and humidity had risen and made the second half of the challenge even more gruelling than it should have been. 

The north rim of the Grand canyon and a very cold start to this challenge.

However the heat and humdity were to change drastically as the runners got further into the canyon.

The team pictured were all feature in RUNNING FITNESS magazine as this was a challenge that was sponsored by TIMBERLAND clothing.

The bottom of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado river.

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