Titch, Blue Merle Border Collie

     5th of February 2023, Titch sadly passed away and left behind a broken hearted family.

Once upon a time a puppy came into Glyn's life and changed his life completely. This puppy chose Glyn ( and not the other way round), he even chose his own name.

Glyn tried to call his new puppy different names but with no response until Glyn shouted to his friend who had the nickname of Titch - the puppy responded to this name.

Fifteen years later and forever a devoted dog to Glyn, Titch passed away. On the 5th of February 2023 at 2.15am, Titch was sadly put to sleep and gone was the most loving dog ever.

 Titch began making strange noises in the early hours of a Sunday morning, Glyn and his wife rushed downstairs to investigate and found Titch lying on the living room floor.

Titch was concious but appeared to be paralysed and making loud whimpering noises.

A fast drive to a 24 hour vetinary practise was to confirm that Titch had suffered a stroke and it was time to let him go.

Glyn was allowed one last stroke of Titch and a tearful goodbye before he was sadly put to sleep.

A quote from Glyn -
The vet called us into a side room, the look on her face couldn’t hide the news that we were dreading. “It’s time to let him go” she said.
I was allowed to stroke him one last time as he lay there paralysed with just the signs of a faint heart beat. She picked up two syringes and explained that the first will make him sleep, before she continued I interrupted her- “Please don’t do that in front me”. We went back into the waiting room and sat there until the vet confirmed that it was over- Titch had gone.
I never thought that I could be this heartbroken in my life, myself and Angie are still in shock that our border collie was his usual self yesterday- and now gone.

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