Challenge London 2016

Glyn Marston will be running in the LONDON MARATHON on april 24th 2016.

And cycle the RIDE LONDON 100 on the 31st of July 2016 to raise funds for EPILESPY ACTION

 a cause close to Glyn's heart.

London Marathon and Ride London 100 medals

Glyn Marston proudly holds his two finishers medals aloft.

London marathon 2016 and Ride London- Surrey 100 mile cycle event 2016 to raise funds for Epilepsy action. The London marathon was taken on with a heavy gorilla/cage costume (10 years after running in his last marathon).Ride London- Surrey 100 was completed in a little under 7 hours.  

An amazing feat for an Ambassador to his community. 

                           Glyn Marston challenged London - and won!

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Glyn Marston will be running in the London marathon 2016 'AND' the cycle London 100 miles 2016 to raise funds for Epilepsy action


Local media story about Glyn Marston's 'CHALLENGE LONDON 2016' whereas he will run in the 26.2 mile LONDON MARATHON a whopping ten years after he ran in his last marathon (London marathon 2006).

Following a complete knee replacement operation, Glyn was given the heart breaking advice that he will no longer be able to run again and so following a few years as a wheelchair marathon competitor, Glyn was to take up cycling and the most unique challenge of all - 'The triple tower challenge'.

Glyn has been a regular cyclist over the years and recently qualified for the 12000km Paris-Brest- Paris (PBP) wheras an accident was to see medics advise him to withdraw from the PBP for fear of causing further damage to his right knee.

July 2016 will see Glyn follow the London olympic 2012 cycle route for a whopping 100 miles and further the fundraising for Epilepsy action - Glyn is supporting this charity as he is on medication for life to control epilepsy.

As a strong believer of bringing fitness to the community, Glyn set up a community dodgeball club whereas adults and children can play a fun sport and keep fit too- WALSALL WARRIORS, WALSALL WARRIORS JUNIOR,and BLACK COUNTRY KNIGHTS dodgeball clubs are the product of Glyn's hardwork and dedication to his community. 

Glyn Marston was diagnosed with epilepsy in 1977 (when he was just 14 years of age).

This was to change his life forever- at a time when the youth of Glyn's age didn't understand epilepsy, Glyn was advised to 'keep quite' about his illness for fear of ridicule of school friends and other kids on his estate.

Glyn eventually returned to school almost twelve months after he was diagnosed with epilepsy and the rumours were that Glyn had been in a young offenders institute.

A false story about Glyn but he couldn't do anything to put the record straight, for if he did he would leave himself open to ridicule if pupils knew of his epilepsy- not much a choice to be honest.... however the school headteacher was aware of Glyn's condition was became a source of support for Glyn.

Glyn's dream of joining the army and serving Queen and country were also dashed as Glyn's application was refused on medical grounds ( yes, he did try to blag his way in the army).

Glyn now feels that being loud and proud about his medical condition may serve to inspire other sufferers to stand up, get out and achieve something great in their lives.

Once again local media are supporting Glyn Marston with a great story. Express and Star have been very supporting to Glyn over the years and that support seems to continue in the stories that they feature on Glyn. Glyn is thankful of this support and credits the Express and star with the reason why he has raised so much for charity over the years- their stories have really boosted his fundraising .

The finish line of the London marathon 2016, wearing his medal with pride after a hard slog with an heavy costume on his back.

The marathon was made a little longer by spectators who stopped Glyn to have a selfie taken with him- Glyn was a huge hit on the day and gained huge admiration.

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To run the 26.2 miles of the London marathon with a replacement right knee is bad enough- but to run it with this costume ?

It just goes to show the dedication that Glyn Marston has to his cause- I do believe that the Gorilla has been given the name of 'Gordon'.

Glyn and Gordon the Gorilla ... look out ofr them on the London marathon and give them a huge cheer !

Proudly holding his finishers medal - a well earned medal too.

100 miles that took in the huge Surrey hills, such as Leith Hill and Box Hill which were punishing to cycle up- but Glyn rose to the challenge and made it to the finish line in the Mall with a huge smile on his face.

31st of July 2016 and the start of the Ride London- Surrey 100 of which took on the challenge and succeeded.

The second part of his Challenge London fundraiser for Epilepsy action.

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Look at the smile on Glyn's face... he is actually looking forward to the London marathon with Gordon the Gorilla.

26.2 miles in a cage ? It is for charity, it's for a great cause and it will raise a lot of donations for Epilepsy action.

Good luck Glyn.

Ride London - Surrey 100

Confimation that Glyn Marston has secured his place in the RIDE LONDON - SURREY 100

This makes up the second part of his 'CHALLENGE LONDON 2016' . 

Raising funds for EPILEPSY ACTION is Glyn's aim for his fundraising this year.

     Guest of honour at Walsall F.C.

Glyn Marston at Walsall fc,  'dressed' in the costume and waiting by the players tunnel to be called on the pitch at half time.

Most of the backroom staff came to see Glyn in his 'London marathon attire' and gave a lot of good luck messages.

Glyn Marston will be flying the flag for Walsall and it's boroughs in 2016.. but that what he does in his role as Walsall running Ambassador.

Walsall fc and a blaze of publicity for Glyn Marston.

Swifty (the club mascot) just couldn't resist a photograph with Glyn and the gorilla costume.

A real V.I.P. at the match against Scunthorpe united on Tuesady the 1st of March 2016- and exciting game that ended in a nil - nil draw.

Walking on the pitch at half time to a thunderous round of applause and messages of good luck from all fans.

Glyn was certainly please and really honoured to have been invited to the stadium in a role of charity champion and sporting Ambassador.

Glyn's 'MAGISTO' video of his costume for the London marathon 2016

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