'Walsall's award winning and World record breaking athlete'   

Walsall's true sporting hero and a real Ambassador to his sport and his town of Willenhall.


Collecting an award
World 7 day treadmill record - London 2005
An Englishman in New York
Receiving an award from Mick McCarthy
Glyn Marston
Triple tower challenge
Breaking another World treadmill record
Training in Arizona for the Grand Canyon challenge




 With a long C.V. that includes his feats of running across THE GRAND CANYON in the 'Rim to Rim challenge' , running from Paris to  London,running in races of 155 miles nonstop running,breaking World Records for treadmill running (including the seven day World Treadmill Record) and running in over 100 Marathons and Ultra distance challenges Worldwide it is small wonder that Glyn Marston has  become  famous for his ULTRA DISTANCE RUNNING and Charity Fundraising. 



Glyn Marston has shown so much dedication to his sport and charity fundraising that it cost him his health and Glyn was forced into retirement from running following a complete knee replacement but Glyn's dedication to fundraising continues despite his injury and he has now successfully cycled from JOHN O'GROATS TO LANDS END in

ten days and taken on a unique challenge,which was a first of it's kind.. 'The Triple TowerChallenge'- 1,600 miles of gruelling cycling from the Leaning tower of Pisa to the Eiffel Tower and then onto Blackpool Tower.                                                             

Glyn Marston is proud to have become so respected that his name alone has given him recognition for his great work and with many newspapers, sporting publications and Television presenters all referring to him as a True Ambassador to the West Midlands.                



Quotes from the media ........ 


"Glyn Marston,Walsall's Running Ambassador breaks another World record...." - Jim Dunton, Express & Star 


"Willenhall's Running Supremo collects another award ...." - Catherine Ryan, Exprss & Star


"The Sporting Ambassador for the West Midlands notches up another truimph" - Lyndsey Doyle. BBC Midlands Today       


"Britains top Ultra Distance runner, Glyn Marston plans another challenge of stamina" - Lyndsey Hunt. Express & Star        


"Glyn Marston is a true Sporting Ambassador to Walsall" - various readers whom have submitted letters to local media       


"Glyn Marston's dedication to charity fundraising and ultimate athletics is outstanding" - Vicki Michelle, Actress.


"Glyn has been a True inspiration to everyone through his sporting achievements,I wish him well in the future" - Dame Kelly Holmes.


"Thanks to Glyn Marston for his expertise and supporting me by pacing me on the London Marathon 2004" - Nell McAndrew, Model.


"Glyn Marston has long been considered as this region’s Sporting Hero and has been seen as an Ambassador to his sport and the Town of Walsall from his feats of ULTRA DISTANCE RUNNING and MARATHON RUNNING of which he has challenged races all over the World".......................

.................................................    Daniel Mole,  Walsall FC





Available now - Glyn Marston's true story of how he took up running to help him quit smoking and little did he realise that his life was about to change for the better. 

Making himself a name in the world of ultra distance running by taking on 150 mile non stop races and running across the Grand Canyon ... not forgetting breaking world records for treadmill running.

This book takes you on a roller coaster ride of up's and down's of Glyn's life - the glory of achieving huge goals in his life but the low's of losing his marriage because of his apparent 'addiction' to ultra distance running.

The publishers were 'drawn' into this true story, in their words - it is a great read.  

                                  Click on book image to go to bookstore.



Exciting news, Glyn's second book wil be published shortly after the first book.

'Finding Freddie. The (Alternative) Paris-Brest-Paris story' is about Glyn's difficult task of qualifying for the inaugural cycling event that is the Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) and the task made even more difficult because of the company that Glyn was working for as an Asbestos surveyor at that particular time. Long hours and an almost impossible workload was to see Glyn quit his job on the eve of his first PBP qualifier - the following day and Glyn turned up for the ride only to find he had left some vital kit at home, leaving him to successfully complete the qualifier but by luck aswell as stamina.

Due to red tape and the fact that Glyn had not completed a 'pre' qualifier for the PBP, he was forced to give up on his hopes but what Glyn did instead was to cycle to Montreux, Switzerland and visit Freddie Mercury's statue.

With two of his friend supporting him - what follows is an hilarious cycle ride across France and into Switzerland as Glyn pays tribute to his all time hero.

1977, a bad year for Glyn - his worse year ever!

Imagine waking up in the middle of a road (early one August morning) and having no recollection of how you got there, yes Glyn was halfway through his newspaper round but confusion set in when he came to. A fourteen year old 'happy-go-lucky' young fella was about to have his life turned upside down when he was diagnosed with epilepsy. The same illness that took his mother's sisters life when she was fourteen years old too. Glyn was confined to the house for his own safety with his parents (whom witnessed the death of the aunt that Glyn had never met, she died 18 months before he was born) became over-protective toward their son.

Would Glyn accept that his life was to change forever and he would have restrictions on his life?

Would Glyn try to fight back or just give in and accept his new lifestyle ?

This book is packed with emotion from start to finish and is a book that you will want to read over and over again.


Available at Amazon uk, Waterstones and all reputable book shops.

Why is Glyn Marston considered Walsall's running Ambassador and  community champion? Just a few reasons in the pictures below.

Long distance running, Long distance cycling, Dodgeball or Walking football- Glyn Marston's dedication to community sports and charity fundraising has earned him the title of Walsall's true sporting Ambassador by the folk of Walsall and its communities.

Left to Right :- in action on court (Dodgeball). London marathon gorilla costume 2016. V02 MAX test at Loughborough University.

Bottom :-  Pacing Nell McAndrew on her first marathon (London 2004). Ride London 2016. Open water swimmimg.

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